About Ohio Smart Schools

Ohio Smart Schools is an initiative of Ohio Education Matters that is dedicated to finding new ways for Ohio’s schools to work more effectively and efficiently in a time of tight resources.

This collaborative, nonpartisan effort is using research and public outreach to generate new ideas and uncover policies and procedures that can cut costs and improve student achievement. It will issue recommendations and findings to state leadership by the end of the year to serve as a guide as the state prepares future budgets.

Collaborating to generate sustainable ideas

Ohio Education Matters is working with a broad range of organizations and individuals, both across the state and nationally, to identify best practices and generate new ideas that will help Ohio schools do more with less. It also seeks input from the public through community meetings and this website.

Our charge

In May 2010, Ohio leaders asked KnowledgeWorks to lead a comprehensive review of the K-12 education system to find efficiencies while maintaining focus and investment on activities that improve student achievement.

They asked us to work with the Ohio Department of Education, legislators from both parties and education stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, students, community and business leaders, and foundations to advise the state on achievable goals for modernization and efficiency in Ohio’s education system in the near- and long-term future.

Read the press release.

How you can help

If you or your organization wants to be part of the Ohio Smart Schools effort, you may be able to contribute in one of these ways:

  • Provide thoughtful feedback about our processes or focus
  • Participate in studies that are part of the Ohio Smart Schools research
  • Generate and share ideas for potential efficiencies
  • Help champion good ideas and work to create a spirit of collaboration focused on results for our children rather than partisan interests.

Contact us to explore ways you can be part of the Ohio Smart Schools initiative.