Future of education: A world of learning

It is time to reimagine learning in Ohio.

As we prepare our students for a future where skills such as creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration will be key to success, we must move from a world of schooling to a world of learning.

What is a world of learning?

Unlike the industrial-era schools where knowledge was handed down in static classrooms, the world of learning will engage students by focusing on their needs. Education will be personalized to the individual learner.

Tomorrow's students will learn through hands-on experiences in real-life situations, and they will play a more active role in constructing their education careers.

They'll use technology and the opportunities it creates to explore new kinds of learning. And education will expand well beyond the classroom walls. (Learn more about the future of education.)

Reimagining learning for Ohio

We are pursuing ways to help Ohio schools and districts realize the promise the future holds as a way to spark student achievement, even in these difficult financial times.

Reimagining learning for Ohio could mean re-examining everything from how we train and develop teachers to which regulations and policies enforce the status quo rather than allow for innovation.

Ohio must be ready for the challenges of the future. Because tomorrow is just around the corner.