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We believe that the solutions to maintaining an excellent education system in Ohio during and beyond the current economic crisis will come from many sources. One of the best sources will be you – the public.

We invite you to contribute your ideas for changes that can help schools work smarter. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student, school administrator, business person, community member or simply someone who cares about education, we want to hear from you.

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2. Describe your idea.

Give your idea a title and use the suggestion box to tell us ways in which Ohio’s education system, individual districts or schools can work smarter. You can indicate which of the three general areas of investigation being pursued by Ohio Smart Schools your idea falls under.

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Once your idea has been approved by the moderator, it will appear on the site. All suggestions that meet our terms of use and address how Ohio schools can operate more effectively and efficiently will be posted, usually within one to two business days.

Ohio Smart Schools researchers will be reviewing suggestions from the public and acting on those with the potential to reduce costs or improve student performance.

(Alternatively, you may choose to email your suggestions to Suggestions that are emailed will not be posted to the site or publicly rated but will be reviewed by researchers.)

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4. Read and rate others’ ideas.

Tell us what you think about the ideas posted on the site from other members of the public. You can review others’ ideas and rate them here. To rate ideas, log in and then click on the stars beneath the suggestion. Rate suggestions on a scale of 1 (for ideas you think have little potential) to 5 (those you think are most likely to be effective) You may rate each suggestion only once.

We appreciate your ideas and your participation.