Best practices

As educators grapple with tough financial choices, we’re confident school districts can learn from each other. We plan to help identify and spread best practices from across Ohio’s school systems so that we can offer districts tangible ways to cut costs.

We are focusing primarily on costs outside of the classroom. To protect instructional areas from cuts that could hurt student achievement, school administrators often look first to non-instructional costs for savings. These non-instructional costs include such things as:

  • food services
  • transportation
  • administration
  • maintenance and operations

With dollars scarce, ensuring that non-instructional areas are operating at their most efficient levels helps guarantee that resources are allocated where they are most needed – in the classroom.

While also vital to schools and students, these services sometimes offer the potential for significant cost savings. We will identify the practices that allow districts to do the best job of providing these services at low cost without lowering the quality of those services.