What Is Seesaw Education?

Similarly, What is Seesaw used for in schools?

Seesaw is a student engagement tool. Teachers may encourage students to create, reflect, share, and cooperate by giving them the tools they need. Students use images, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links to “present what they know.”

Also, it is asked, Is Seesaw an educational platform?

The most effective interactive learning platform for children in grades PreK through 5. Drawing, video, voice recording, and other activities expand as pupils go through pre-kindergarten, primary school, and beyond.

Secondly, Can you do live lessons on Seesaw?

Although Seesaw does not employ live streaming like conventional platforms, it has proven to be a beneficial tool for asynchronous distant learning for many. Teachers regularly make films to accompany learning exercises that students may access and perform on their own.

Also, What grade levels is Seesaw for?

Seesaw is a fantastic platform for all subject areas that encourages students to participate with the curriculum while using technology. Although Seesaw may be utilized by kids in all grades, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade children are the ideal age to take advantage of all this platform has to offer!

People also ask, What are the cons of Seesaw?

Cons: Setting up courses takes time and effort, particularly if you have many classes to set up. Bottom line: Students may present their work in a variety of ways, including text, photographs, videos, and more.

Related Questions and Answers

Can I use Seesaw for homeschool?

Seesaw is a great method to get the whole family engaged in your homeschooling. Students may also use Seesaw to display their work. The software is straightforward to use.

Can students see each other’s work in Seesaw?

You have two choices if you want students to be able to access journals: Turn on the option for students to view each other’s work. Students have access to their own journals (and other journals in your class). Turn on Students may view each other’s work’ by tapping the wrench symbol and scrolling down.

Can Seesaw be used on a laptop?

On iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices, the Seesaw Class and Family applications are available. You may also use Seesaw on the web using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge on a PC or Chromebook.

It’s quite simple to use. There are some fantastic exercises produced by other instructors, but it is also quite simple to make your own. Because I teach kindergarten, not every kid is a reader. In the instructions sections of SeeSaw, you may use icons or dictation to describe an activity.

What is great about Seesaw?

Seesaw is a fantastic digital tool to have in your arsenal! It encourages pupils to be creative. It fosters real communication experiences by allowing students’ voices to be heard by more than one person (the instructor). It has provided a platform for my pupils to share their work and celebrate their accomplishments.

Is Seesaw considered social media?

1. Seesaw is a social media-like platform for students to record and organize their work, with the notion of a digital portfolio at its core. Students keep track of their progress in blog-style updates, and the app organizes their portfolio by topic, project, or class.

How does a Seesaw help a child’s development?

Because the activity incorporates movement, playground equipment such as seesaws and motion riders assist youngsters to develop fine motor skills by holding handles, as well as balance and coordination.

What age group is Seesaw for?

Seesaw is a secure, age-appropriate platform where our younger K-3 kids may learn important skills, produce digital material, and show proof of their progress.

Is Seesaw app free?

Seesaw’s overall rating It seamlessly links instructors, parents, and students together to aid the educational process while decreasing administration and allowing teachers to focus more on their classroom lectures. It is totally deserving of its 5 stars even in the free edition.

How do I upload my homework on seesaw?

YouTube has more videos. Tap the green +Add button after choosing the Journal tab, then choose ‘Post to Student Journal’ (students) or ‘Post Student Work’ (non-students) (teachers). Select the kind of post you want to publish. Make your article. To finish your message, tap the green checkmark or the ‘Draft’ button (Seesaw for Schools).

How do I connect my seesaw to Google classroom?

In Google Classroom, assigning Seesaw activities Assign your Seesaw class to the activity. On any activity, tap the [.] button > ‘Get Student URL’ and copy the activity link. Copy the activity link and paste it into Google Classroom. Students may access the activity through the web, iOS, or Android app by clicking this link.

Which is better class dojo or Seesaw?

Overview of the ClassDojo Classroom App Portfolios of students: Seesaw works in a similar way, however you can’t submit your own activities. The major reason I choose Seesaw is because of this. Students at ClassDojo are simply given a blank sheet to work with.

How do I get the seesaw class on my laptop?

On a computer, students navigate to https://app.seesaw.me. Alternatively, on an iOS or Android smartphone, download the Seesaw Class App.

Is Seesaw better than canvas?

Seesaw, according to reviewers, better serves the demands of their organization than Canvas LMS. When it comes to continuous product support, reviewers believe Seesaw is the better choice. Our reviewers liked the path of Canvas LMS over Seesaw in terms of product upgrades and roadmaps.

Can parents see each others comments on Seesaw?

Families may only read their child’s journal. This means you’ll see student work marked with your child’s name, as well as postings tagged with ‘Everyone’ by the instructor. Families will also be able to view any comments left on their child’s journal postings by other users. Family members are unable to see the material of any other student.

Is Seesaw private?

By default, Seesaw diaries are private. Without your permission, no student material or information is ever shared. Teachers, students in the class, and a student’s family, if the instructor decides to invite them, have access to the journals.

Is Seesaw owned by Facebook?

Adrian Graham and Sjogreen, a former Facebook director of product management who had sold his travel business NextStop, co-founded Seesaw. In 2013, he invented Shadow Puppet, a social app that allows users to record voice-over for picture slideshows.

What is the cost of Seesaw?

How much does Seesaw set you back? Seesaw has a free version that includes the majority of its functionality. Seesaw for Schools, on the other hand, begins at $120 a year for premium features (such as student portfolios, activity dashboards, data on tech use, and so on).


Seesaw is a school that provides both online and in-person classes. It has an online learning platform with courses that range from kindergarten to high school, as well as in-person classes for students who are unable to attend the virtual classes. Its curriculum is designed by educators with different levels of expertise, so teachers can tailor their lessons to meet the needs of their students. The “advantages and disadvantages of seesaw” are listed below:

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