Where Does Arizona Rank In Education?

Arizona is ranked near the bottom of the nation in terms of education, according to a new report.

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Arizona ranks near the bottom of the nation in education, according to a new report.

The state ranks 47th in the nation in overall education, according to the Education Week report released Wednesday. That’s up from 48th last year.

The report looks at a number of factors, including preschool enrollment, high school graduation rates, test scores and college readiness. Arizona scored especially poorly in the preschool enrollment category, ranking 43rd in the nation.

“We’re just not investing in our kids early on,” said David Bradley, executive director of the Arizona School Boards Association. “We know that if we don’t get them ready for kindergarten, they’re going to start behind and they’re going to stay behind.”

Arizona did score above average in high school graduation rates, ranking 21st in the nation. But Bradley said that’s not enough.

“We should be shooting for No. 1, not just being average,” he said. “There are states that are doing it and we need to learn from them and figure out how they’re doing it so we can do it here in Arizona.”

National Rankings

The United States is ranked 38th in the world for education, according to a 2018 report from U.S. News and World Report.

Arizona is ranked 49th among states, with a score of 37.3 out of 100 points.

The state ranks poorly in several categories, including pre-kindergarten enrollment (46th) and high school graduation rates (48th).

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However, Arizona does rank well in some categories, such as the quality of its schools (19th) and the level of math and reading proficiency among 8th graders (23rd).

The state also ranks well in terms of college readiness, with an index score of 66.3 out of 100 points.

State Rankings

The ranking of each state varies depending on the source, but Arizona is consistently ranked in the bottom half of states when it comes to education.

One study conducted by WalletHub in 2020 looked at a number of factors to determine the best and worst states for education. They looked at things like the quality of schools, test scores, and school safety. Arizona was ranked 41st out of 50 states.

The website Education Week also publishes an annual ranking of states based on a number of different factors. In their 2020 report, Arizona was ranked 37th out of 50 states.

It’s worth noting that both of these rankings are based on data from 2019, before the pandemic hit. It’s likely that the rankings will change once data from 2020 is available, as the pandemic has had a significant impact on education across the country.


In conclusion, Arizona ranks in the top half of states in education, with a ranking of #26 out of 50 states. The state has a strong commitment to education, with a high number of school districts and a high level of funding. However, the state faces challenges in terms of student achievement and graduation rates. These challenges are likely to continue in the future, but with a strong commitment to education, Arizona is poised to make significant progress.

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